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Apex Launcher APK

Apex Launcher Apk allows you to change any mobile interface according to that mobile system. All the modifications are customizable, and users can select their favourite themes, icons, and texts in their styles. You can also enable app locks for more Privacy for your specific applications. The app lock should be either fingerprints or a passcode. You can also hide applications from the screen so no one can access those apps. Also, it allows you to personalize any theme and save history for easy backup data access.


Apex Launcher is an Android phone application that uses various tools to change the home screen theme. This app works properly on all Android devices that are running version 8.0 or higher. You can completely customize your mobile screens with additional features of hiding or locking the applications.

 App Apex Launcher
Developer Android Does Team
Genre Personalization
Size 17 MB
Version 4.9.36
Updated Jan 18, 2024
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Rating 4.4


One of the most amazing things about this application is that it provides many themes with completely customizable properties to change the colors, styles, or sizes of text or icons.

Homepage drawer


If you apply any theme on home screens, you can create your favorite screens because there are tools for editing themes. No fixed Theme applies to the complete interface of your mobile. 


When we applied the Theme from the device folder, it was non-editable, and we didn’t like some features of that Theme. But here, you can adjust Themes in your styles, even though there are many transitions like a cubic, tablet, or more. 


If you have specific requirements for font sizes, icon styles & colours, or swiping transitions, you can save your changes in it. When you choose any other theme, you can apply previous changes and easily change the Theme in your style. 

  • Please choose your favorite styles & Layout: There are so many suggestions that you can choose any theme style and Layout from them. 
  • Set Operation Sequence: In this feature, you can select sequences for operating files and personalize them according to your choice. 
  • Set Touch Gestures: The machine detects gestures when you touch your fingers on the screen. You can set the touch gestures of your screen and then connect the screen; it will operate according to the changes you have made. 
  • Hide Apps: We use some apps that we cannot show anyone so that this App can hide all of your activities, and it will appear only when you unlock them. 
  • Massive Collection of Icon Packs: Many beautiful icon packs are available, and you can see them on any theme. You can even add ten icons in a row on one screen. 
  • Unread opened Notifications: You can also unread the extended notification and mark them all are unread.  


Most of the applications we use for theme changing or interface changer for our device are risky because we have to allow the App to our personal data access to modify changes in the interface. Many users fear using such apps, but Apex Launcher Apk is considered one of the most trusted applications ever. Your information is safe, and you can use it without any tension.

Launcher setting


Apex Launcher helps its users to make a lot of changes in the interface of their smartphone. This App not only provides you with many customizable features but also have so many factors that are discussed below:


From apexlauncherapk.com, you will get all the premium features of the official App and Mod features of customization tools. You can change the look of your home screen and make a style similar to your smartphone.


In the Classic version, this is already loaded with uncountable properties that increase the fun of customization of the interface of your mobile. You can improve or decrease the notification bar, replay it from the bar, contact the vibrator and sound with the Theme, set the timing for the turnoff screen, or you can enable the features you don’t want.


This App is updated with time, and all versions have specific features, but some users want to use a particular old version because they only like the characteristics of that version. We allowed our users to download any old version from our website.


Apex Launcher is one of the most popular applications for the customization of the interface of mobile screens with many more features. Most users write reviews on this application like

  • It is a safe application for everyone.
  • You can download it from this page.
  • It is easy to use for any user.
  • As compared to any other app Apex Launcher is ranked as the Best application 


Apex Launcher features so many exciting items you could add to your mobile interface that is not available on your device. You can hide some of your activities, and there is no threat of any harm from the App on your phone.


If you are facing the problem of Apex Launcher not working correctly on your device, don’t worry. Follow the simple instructions and remove those caches; your App works correctly afterwards.

  1. First of all, open the “Settings” application of Your Mobile Phone.
  2. Scroll Down and Click on “Apps.”
  3. Find the Apex Launcher app there and Click on it.
  4. Find the option of “Clear Cache” or “Storage or Cache,” depending on your device.
  5. Then Tap on it, then all data is clear from the system.
  6. There are two options “Clear All Data” or “Clear Cache.”
  7. If you clear all data, all your files and data are deleted, so be careful.
  8. Then open the App and experience better quality with it.


Most Android Phones Users download Apex Launcher to customize the interface. So many features are available that change the look of the home screen into a stylish display. The procedure for using this App is first to download the Apex Launcher from our website.

There are so many devices with limited interface features, but this App solves the problem of those users. 

  • Open the App and allow permission to access your mobile settings.
  • Then select a theme you like and make any changes to it.
  • Add animations, Theme, or Icons
  • The Theme should range from Stylish, Cute, Animated, or Romantic

After having Apex Launcher on your device, follow some tips for using it:

  1. Open the App and wait for the installation
  2. Allow access to your device for more convenience tap on the “Always” option 
  3. Select What you want to add to the in-home screen- Apex Action, Apps, Shortcuts, Widget, or Wallpaper
  4. Selecting them lets you draw different features from different themes and make one proper interface.
  5. Select the apps you want to change and place them on the home screen.
  6. The widget Feature is to adjust the size of the home screen and icons. 


  1. You can do drawer sorting, like Add folder sorting rules & Custom sorting rules for the new-installed app 
  2. Add parallax wallpaper
  3. Resolved the preview scrolling issue
  4. To modify the App Info jump, long-press the menu and select Advance App Info.
  5. Provide the option to add to the desktop in the global search.


What is the purpose of a launcher like Apex Launcher?
Apex Launcher increases the number of customization choices available for your smartphone.