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 App Apex Launcher
Developer Android Does Team
Genre Personalization
Size 17 MB
Version 4.9.30
Updated Jan 18, 2024
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Rating 4.4

With the help of Apex launcher apk, you can entirely change your Android device. It offers excellent customization and personalization, improving the user experience even more. It offers two-finger motions and other exciting features that you will like. If you use custom UI, I am sure you are tired of the UI that includes phones. Also, many of us enjoy a pure Android experience.

Apex launcher homepage


Customization possibilities are one of the essential features of the Android operating system. These options are available to users thanks to launchers. These non-stock launchers are fantastic tools for modifying your app list and home screen.

You can find more information about this app in the sections below.


  1. You can do drawer sorting, like Add folder sorting rules & Custom sorting rules for the new-installed app 
  2. Add parallax wallpaper
  3. Resolved the preview scrolling issue
  4. To modify the App Info jump, long-press the menu and select Advance App Info.
  5. Provide the option to add to the desktop in the global search.

Homepage drawer


Add app shortcuts

When you first enter Apex, you can see the empty home screen. You can create app shortcuts in the same way that you would on the default Android launcher. To begin, tap on the Apps icon to open the app drawer.

Tap and hold an app in the drawer to bring it to the home screen, drag it to the desired location, and then let go. Repeat for each app you wish to add to your home screen.

You can add more apps by clicking “Apps” from the open menu and holding a blank area on the home screen. A list of applications will appear; select one to add to the home screen.

Add widgets

You can also add widgets to the home screen. These interactive home screen features can display information from current applications, like weather, time, and other feeds.

  • Tap and hold a blank space area on the home screen to launch the home screen menu.
  • Tap “Widgets” and choose a widget from the list that appears.
  • Select the widget size you want; they are measured according to the grid size you choose in Apex Settings for your home screen.

Add action shortcuts

You can create action shortcuts for app activities by touching and holding a blank place on the home screen to bring up the home screen customization menu.

Select an app and an action the icon will perform when tapped.

Change your wallpaper

Set Apex as your default launcher does not affect your home screen wallpaper. When you press the button on the home screen, a menu displays that allows you to change the wallpaper.

  • Tap on wallpaper from the list after selecting “Wallpapers” from the menu. 
  • Tap on Set wallpaper in the upper left corner and apply the wallpaper according to your choice.


Go to the Settings tab

If your device lacks capacitive touch buttons, the Settings icon will be shown by default on the home screen. If it does, touching the menu touch button on your iPhone will bring up the Settings menu.

If appropriate, tap your smartphone’s Apex Settings icon or Menu button. It will open the Apex Settings menu, where you can adjust several of Apex’s internal settings

Choose an option

The Settings menu allows you to customize the appearance of your home screen and app drawer.

Home Screen Options will provide choices for changing app grid size, margins, icon scale, scrolling settings, and more.

Drawer Options lets users change the sizes of app drawer grids, transition animations, tabs, icon labels, and other features.

  • Dock Settings will allow you to configure dock size, icon labeling, margins, etc.
  • Folder Settings allows users to customize how folders appear on the home screen.
  • You can customize gesture functions, custom home essential functions, haptic feedback, and other features under Behavior Settings. 
  • Theme Options allows you to modify Apex’s icon pack, as well as its style and typography.
  • Widget padding, icon scaling, “OK, Google” functionality, and menu button modification are all available in Advanced Settings.

Change the launcher settings to your liking

Exploring the numerous settings available on the Apex Launcher is a big part of the fun of modifying Android. You can use the tools to modify your Android home screen and app drawer completely.

Launcher setting


You can  Import data from the previously installed launcher. It includes options like home screen layout, app configuration, and gesture settings. Now click on Backup & restore from the Apex Settings menu to import.At the bottom of the menu, select “Import desktop data.” Now, select the launcher from which you wish to import desktop settings.


You can preserve your launcher settings by selecting “Backup desktop data” from the Apex Settings menu.

If you need to make a backup, the launcher will do so. If you already have a backup, choose Yes to overwrite the data with the new Backup.


 Tap on “Restore desktop data” from the Apex Settings menu, and a popup will tell you if it successfully discovered backup data for you to restore using. Tap on “Yes” after reading the prompt, and you will update the settings to your Apex Launcher.


Here are most impressive features of Apex launcher apk, which you enjoy with your Android, are given below:


Now you can beautify your mobile screen with much outstanding personalization of themes. Here are light and dark themes in which you can set your phone screen, which attracts your heart, and you feel relaxed with their beauty.


The most feature of this app is that you can set your mobile icons with its Icon pack center; there are many icons in this pack center. You can choose your favorite icon and set it to your mobile. You can set your phone in the style which you want.


Customizable desktop with up to ten icons per page and a maximum of five pages. You can set ten icons on one page and a maximum of five pages on your phone screen.


Here are simple customization and personalization, which you can easily understand and easy to use. So, infinite and elastic scrolling with your home screen, drawer, and dock. This app contains a simple and outstanding feature that you can easily use and make your mobile attractive.


This feature has fancy transition effects; you can set your mobile screen effects to transition (tablet, cube, etc.).


You can optimize your phone and hide elements such as the status bar, dock menu, etc.


This feature allows you to customize your mobile screen, choose different folders and preview styles, and change background-hole.


You can easily manage your downloads themes and titles. You can also manage the download date and details with time. Also, set the titles of themes. You can also set details of themes and give them the title of your choice.


With this fantastic and unique feature, you can hide apps on your mobile that you do not want to bother. You can also hide media in it.


Here are home screen gesture options, with which you can easily set the home screen. You can modify your screen with Pinch, Swipe up/ down, double tap, etc.


The incredible feature of this app is the locker, with which you can lock your home screen. If you are a threat that someone can use your phone without your permission, you can use this feature and lock your screen to prevent accidental changes.


Here is an advanced theme engine in which you can explore more unique themes to modify your android phone. There are icon packs and skin also present for your ease.


The Backup feature is also present, allowing you to back up your lost data easily. If your mobile has no Backup option, with this app, you can easily back up your data without any worry.


This application supports all devices and can be used for mobile and tablets. You can easily use this application on your tablet with the same features and modifications.


This app is secure and approved by google, so don’t worry about your data. You can easily install this app.


  1. Display the launcher options on the android screen. Press the Home button on your phone instantly after installing the app to bring up a popup window asking which launcher you want to use as the default.
  2. Choose “Apex.” The installed launchers should appear in the list that displays. To pick it, tap “Apex” then “Always.”

Apex will now be the default launcher on your device.


To download Apex Launcher Apk, Follow theses steps

It would be best if you allowed the “Unknown Sources” option.

  1. Download Apex Launcher APK from the Download button.
  2. Save the file in the Downloads folder on your device.
  3. Finally, press Install and wait for the installation to complete.
  4. After completing, launch the app and start watching straight away.


So that’s the whole point of the Apex Launcher APK. I hope this APK Download worked for you. If you have any queries about this apk, kindly leave them in the comments section. We would appreciate hearing from you.


How can I make use of Apex Launcher?
Apex Launcher is simple to use. After installation, your device will prompt you to activate it, and you will be given many customization choices to adjust it to your specific needs.

What is the purpose of a launcher like Apex Launcher?
Apex Launcher increases the number of customization choices available for your Android smartphone. In general, launchers provide a visual configuration that differs from the default on your device.

How do I use Apex Launcher to hide apps?
Tap and hold for many options to appear if you wish to delete applications from the Apex Launcher Home screen. Just pick Remove if you are on the Home screen. But the app will stay available.